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m-mills Ltd. is the privately owned Croatian company

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The activity with which m-mills Ltd. deals is the production of flour.

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There are historical proofs that already in the 18th century there were several mills on the rivers Mura and Drava. In Kotoriba, during World War I there were 5 water stream powered mills on the Mura river. Nowadays Kotoriba mill is the proof of heritage and tradition of milling in the Međimurje region. Changes of ownership and ongoing investments have transferred that mill into one of the most modern ones in the region. The Kotoriba mill is currently in the ownership of the company m-mills d.o.o. which continues the business of the previous company m-mills Ltd. Unchanged board members team, which has been successfully leading the company for over 15 years, has through the changes in process management in the company ensured the quality and customer satisfaction. The company has for years conducted with IFS, HACCP and ISO 9001-2008 systems of quality control.


VAT no: HR87527652963

MBS: 070081535

Share capital: 7.227.000 kn

a limited liability company


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